Creating Healthy Change for Lifelong Transformation
My goal is to help as many people as I can become the healthiest version of themselves.

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I didn't really have a weight problem until I hit my 40's. From there, I gained a few pounds a year until I found myself at 58 weighing 200 pounds! Between quitting smoking and menopause, I just kept packing it on and couldn't stick to a diet. After finding this program, I lost 50 pounds in 5 months, started sleeping great, with tons of energy and feeling more alive! I've lost a total of 62 pounds and because of the healthy habits I've learned, I am easily maintaining that loss. I love helping others reach their goals; goals that they never thought possible. I'd be honored to help you as well!

Patti Glaspy

Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

I'll be your guide throughout your journey to Optimal Health & Wellbeing.

Having a Coach is the lifeblood of helping you reach your health goals. Study after study shows that support and guidance increase your chances for success in reaching your optimal weight. No matter what you're facing, I will be here to help steer you to success. I will guide you through your journey and help you develop new healthy habits and make better choices that can lead to lifelong transformation. I will keep you accountable and help you celebrate all the little victories that add up to the big ones!


Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time

You will succeed with us where other programs fail because we incorporate healthy mindset in everything we do. Today, the world is searching for quick-fix weight-loss solutions. But we know quick fixes don't work. Our approach is radically different. You will learn and adopt new healthy habits in bite-sized pieces we call micro habits, which can lead to Lifelong Transformation. I will recommend books, provide podcasts and all the tools you need to be empowered to live an optimally healthy life.

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